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Article Name Shape Memory Alloys and Industrial Applications
Author Name Ersin TOPTAŞ, Nihat AKKUŞ
Address Marmara Üniversitesi Teknik Eğitim Fakültesi, Mekatronik Eğitimi Bölümü, İSTANBUL
Abstract The Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) is the name of group materials which have ability to return to previously defined shape with effects of phase transformations in the crystal structure when subjected to the appropriate temperature or geometry change. These materials show volume and geometry change under certain temperature by phase transformations. They have completely reversible shape changes which are very important for actuators if they are properly designed. SMAs become very interesting material for the industrial companies after their superior properties were discovered and well understood. The industrial companies which have interest at SMAs have found a new point of view because they need minimum energy to return to initial shape and geometry and their Power/Weight ratio is very high if compared with conventional materials. The mechanical properties of SMAs with general knowledge are introduced and examples of industrial applications are given in the present study. . Keywords: Shape Memory Alloys, Superelastic, Shape Memory Effect, Actuator
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technology
Issue 4
Volume 4
Pages 15-22
Year 2007
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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