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Article Name Stres Investigation Under The Static Load On A Sample Hydraulic Boom Type Crane With Finite Elements Method
Author Name H. Kürşat ÇELİK, Mehmet UÇAR, Ali ÇAVDAR
Address 1Akdeniz Ünv., Fen Bilimleri Enst. Tarım Makineleri ABD 07070 Antalya- Türkiye 2Kocaeli Ünv., Tek.Eğt. Fak., Makine Eğitimi, Otomotiv ABD 41000 Kocaeli-Türkiye 3Kocaeli Ünv., Tek.Eğt. Fak., Makine Eğitimi, Otomotiv ABD 41000 Kocaeli-Türkiye
Abstract Cranes are indispensable transporter tools which have huge working area in building sector, heavy industry, marines and ships. Hydraulic type cranes with boom which are using at marines and ships, design for various using aim and conditions. These type cranes are so widespread on field because of useful and precision working condition especially for solid loading. High stress distributions occur on this type cranes construction which is manufactured steel construction Because of high loading capacity and transaction structure in working conditions on its working field. For these reasons, dynamic and static forces should analysis well on cranes during design process. In this study, a sample hydraulic type crane’s boom had been modeled as 3 dimensions. Stress distributions inspected on crane’s boom constructions using commercial Finite Elements Methods software under static loading conditions. Analysis results have been interpreted and shown that crane’s boom working without failure by generated simulation. Safety factors had been accounted according to crane’s boom construction material yield stress value. Keywords: Crane, Parametric design, Stress analysis, Finite Element Method.
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technology
Issue 4
Volume 4
Pages 23-30
Year 2007
Type Short Communication
Language Turkish
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