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Article Name Experimental Comparison Of Combustion, Performance And Emission Characteristics In A Di Diesel Engine Fueled With Diesel And Mustard Oil Biodiesel Blend
Author Name Ahmet UYUMAZ
Address Mehmet Akif Ersoy Üniversitesi, TBMYO, Otomotiv Teknolojisi Programı, Burdur/TÜRKİYE
Abstract The usage of low level biodiesel-diesel fuel blends gives positive results in order to reduce NOx, CO and soot emissions produced from compression ignition engines while improving engine performance. Biodiesel-diesel fuel blends have been used widely in compression ignition engines as an alternative energy source not only reduces air pollution but also prevents global warming. In this study, a single cylinder, four-stroke, naturally aspirated and compression ratio of 18:1 direct injection diesel engine was run with mustard oil biodiesel-diesel fuel blends. The effects of diesel and biodiesel-diesel fuel blend were investigated experimentally on combustion, performance and exhaust emissions. Experiments were conducted with standard diesel fuel and mustard oil biodiesel-diesel fuel blend (B20) at maximum brake torque speed of 2200 rpm and five different engine load including 3.75, 7.5, 11.25, 15 Nm and full load. Test results showed that in-cylinder pressure increased and combustion was retarded with the increase of engine load. Maximum in-cylinder pressure was obtained later according to diesel fuel. Test results also showed that CO and soot emissions reduced by about 19.4 % and 69 % respectively with B20 compared to diesel fuel at full load. However, NOx emissions increased by 16.8 % at full load. Specific fuel consumption increased by 28.9 % with B20 according to diesel at full load condition.
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technologies
Issue 13
Volume 2
Pages 65-78
Year 2016
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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