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Article Name Effect of TIG Welding Parameters and Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Welded Stainless Steels
Author Name Rıza KARA1, Fatih ÇOLAK1, Gökhan YILDIRIM1
Address 1 Uşak Üniversitesi, Teknik Bilimler MYO, Makine ve Metal Teknolojileri Böl., UŞAK/TÜRKİYE
Abstract AlSI 304L quality stainless steel; in food, dairy and paper industries find widespread use; because of corrosion resistance, high strength values, weldability and forming properties. In this study was investigated an additional wire, welding current and heat treatment effect of TIG arc welding of 304L stainless steel. For this purpose; thick of 5 mm 304L stainless steel were welding with different welding parameters of add wire – nonwire. Heat treatment is applied to one of the welded samples coupled with different parameters.Cementation applied and not applied of welded samples were carried tensile strength and microstructural investigations. Thus, the relationships between mechanical properties of the samples have been determined. Key Words: AISI 304L, TIG Welding Process, Heat Treatment, Mechanical Properties.
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technologies
Issue 13
Volume 4
Pages 91-101
Year 2016
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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