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Article Name Investigation Of Thermocapillary Convection Flow Velocity Vectors In Rectangular Container Under Various Gravity Vectors
Author Name Ramazan SELVER, Ela KATI
Address Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi, Müh.-Mim. Fak., Mak. Müh. Böl., ISPARTA/ TÜRKİYE
Abstract In our study, thermocapillary convection flow is investigated in a rectangular container of high Prandtl number fluid. Fluid is heated along the top free surface by a thin nichrome wire at the container center. The mutual walls of the test container are cooled to maintain a uniform temperature. On the other hand, it consists of two clear plexiglass sides and a plexiglass bottom. Silicone oil with kinematic viscosity of 5 centistokes (cSt) are used to in this study. The velocity vectors of thermocapillary convection flow under various gravity vectors (microgravity ( ) and normal gravity (1g)) have been investigated numerically 2-D by Fluent CFD programme.
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technologies
Issue 6
Volume 3
Pages 19-33
Year 2009
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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