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Article Name Evelation Of Performance With Statistical Method And Safety Menagement, Maıntenance Safety In The Preventation Of Aircraft Accident
Author Name Muhammet ÇAVDAROĞLU, Hüdayim BAŞAK, İsmail ŞAHİN
Address Kara Havacılık Okul Komutanlığı Ankara/Türkiye Gazi Üniversitesi Teknik Eğitim Fakültesi Makine Eğitimi Bölümü Ankara/Türkiye
Abstract Maintenance services are important factor on aviation. Flight safety improvement is important to prevent aircraft accidents. Effect of maintenance factors must been determined so as to improve flight safety. Maintenance errors on the aircraft accidents can’t prevent, but to take measures can reduce the frequency of errors. To define aircraft accidents and detect the effects of maintenance factors could be mentioned from three basic factors which are maintenance safety, safety management, performance measurement. In this study, essential and important of safety management and performance measurement methods are investigated at the preventation of aircraft accidents by using statistical methods. Key words: Aviation, Maintenance,Safety, Management
Published in Electronic Journal of Machine Technologies
Issue 6
Volume 4
Pages 11-19
Year 2010
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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