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Article Name Effect of Overlay Mechanical Properties on Surface Deflections for Flexible Pavements
Author Name Mehmet SALTAN
Address Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Müh. Fak. İnş. Müh.Böl.,Isparta/TÜRKİYE
Abstract In the present study, the effect of overlay application for a flexible pavement system on surface deflections is investigated by using axially symmetric finite element methodology. The variations of the surface deflections are related to the variations of layer properties of overlay. The analyses were performed to determine that how surface deflections are sensitive for variations of overlay properties. Recently, flexible pavement structural response to applied loads was predicted by using elastic multilayer analysis. These kinds of analyses are based on assumptions that paving and subgrade materials are linear elastic. In this context, an axially symmetric finite element program was used to analyze flexible pavements. A number of material models were used to represent actual material characteristics such as visco-elasticity and nonlinear elastic models. Load magnitudes and layer thickness of overlay were changed and effects on the pavement deflection behaviour were investigated using finite element methodology. Finite element methodology is increasingly being used for the structural analysis of pavements. The potential of the finite element method for the solution of difficult analysis problems and the apparent facility, material characterisation, makes this method useable. The method is especially suitable to simulate the non-linear behaviour of the granular and cohesive materials used in pavements. An axially symmetric analysis was applied on available pavement systems. Because of the symmetry of the elastic multi-layer pavement system structure and its loading about the vertical axis, displacements of the pavement system will develop only in the radial and vertical directions.
Published in Electronic Journal of Construction Technologies
Issue 12
Volume 1
Pages 30-39
Year 2016
Type Paper
Language English
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