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Article Name Landslide Susceptibility Analysis by Geographical Information Systems: The Case of Ganos Mount (Tekirdağ)
Author Name Emre ÖZŞAHİN
Address Namık Kemal Üniversitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fak. Coğ. Böl., 59030 Tekirdağ/TÜRKİYE eozsahin@nku.edu.tr
Abstract This study aims to make the landslide susceptibility analysis of the Ganos (Işıklar) Mount, which is one of the areas where landslide events take place very frequently in the Thracian Peninsula of Turkey. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) techniques were used in this study. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) based on bivariate statistical method was employed in the study with the materials and data that are obtained from various resources. The research findings indicate that the Ganos Mount has moderate landslide potential (21.49%), but 40.84% of the mountainous area has low or very low landslide potential while 37.67% of the mountainous area has high or very high landslide potential. The present study has confirmed that GIS techniques yield more effective results when they are used together with AHP in preparing landslide susceptibility maps. It was also verified that the method employed in the present study is an integrated approach helping to determine the areas that are likely to experience landslide. The use of this method in similar areas may help to understand the effects of landslides. In this way, the areas where different kinds of mass movement and landslide being in the first place are likely to occur may be determined more precisely, and various measures may be taken accordingly. Keywords: Landslide, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), Tekirdağ.
Published in Electronic Journal of Map Technologies
Issue 7
Volume 1
Pages 47-63
Year 2015
Type Paper
Language Turkish
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